The Hummus Trail Concert – Horizon of Music and Travel

Hummus Trail – the string of 60 odd places that Israelis cover each year after their compulsory military service back in their country. The best ones, as people say, are retained by military while others are allowed to pursue as per their will.

Despite of all the buzz around the concept, and the number of people who do this every year, still there is no proper source of information is available. To address the same, a travel planner start-up ‘‘ took the initiative to provide all the required information at one place. And, since we at MuSlate strongly believes that travel and music can’t be separated, so we joined hands with them to organize a concert named after the Hummus Trail.


The Hummus Trail Concert


First edition of ‘The Hummus Trail Concert’ was organized at none other than in a monsoon laden, the cannabis-surrounded, relatively unknown village in the lap of stunning Himalayas, called Kalga.


Kalga Village


Only a group of 30 people were invited for this exclusive event along with local guests staying the valley. The concert night was completely remarkable as the bonfire was set and Celebrity Violinist Aneesh Vidyashankar and renowned Guitarist Monjyoti Bhattacharya (MJ) gave an incomparable performance — All the lights were put off, and Aneesh started playing on his violin with his bow laden with bright white LED lights amidst the pin drop silence of mountains with just crickets giving their background sound. When he first hit the strings of violin, everybody could actually feel the goosebumps and a cold shiver down their spine.


Aneesh - Monjyoti


After the concert, launched their new product ‘The Hummus Trail’, which got really great response from the Israelis travelling there. The concert and the whole event was covered by various reporters and media persons which include teams from Shutterfly and The Broken Scooter.




The event was so appreciated that people continued to sing songs and play on guitar around bonfire throughout the night and along with lot of our Israelis guest, who were playing tirelessly on their percussion.

And as one of our guest summarized, “this was just not another music concert, but a whole new experience”. We promise to bring you many more such events in future, and our travel partners at are always there to help you plan your travel.

Stay Musical ! Keep Traveling !!

‘Asha Bhosle’ : Yeh Mera Dil Pyaar Ka Deewana

Asha Bholse is one of the greatest playback singers in the Indian Music Industry. She has given voice to many popular songs like ‘Dum Maro Dum‘ from Hare Rama Hare Krishna, ‘Piya Tu Ab To Aaja’ from Caravan and many more. Her songs, even today have managed to retain their glory and charm. She is charted among the top singers but her journey to the top was painstaking yet inspiring. This week #Safarnama has brought to you the story of the melodious Asha Bhosle.


Asha Bhosle


Ashaji’s career spanning over six decades, she has been voice of more than 12,000 songs and despite of such a long association with industry, Bollywood no more excites her. Ashaji was born in a Maharashtrain family and her father was a theater artist and classical singer; so her inclination towards music came from her genes. But her father died at the age of nine, and then to support the family her elder sister Lata Mangeshkar (A legendary Indian Playback Singer) worked in films and music.

Ashaji began her career in 1943 but before that, as per the conditions in those days, it was difficult to convince musicians to hire a newcomer. She had no godfather or anyone to help around and had to go asking for work everywhere, convince people to give her some work. In starting days Ashaji used to get Rs.100 per day from which she used to eat batata vada with her husband on street. Also, she used to travel every day early morning in Mumbai Locals from Borivali to reach her workplace.

Despite of the odds she faced, Ashaji today is thankful to the musicians who gave her an opportunity to rise up and here listeners who have kept her alive through her songs.

Her first song was “Chala Chala Nav Bala” for the Marathi film and therafter a lot of offers came her way. She has won a lot of awards and titles till date. These days Ashaji is finding fun in cooking and is also planning to launch her 9th restaurant in Dubai soon.

Music was in her genes, but the hardship was a part of success. Every big begins with a small my friend! Don’t give up on your dreams, until you see it come true! Hear to some awesome songs of Ashaji here and feel inspired 😀


See you! #Safarnama

World Music Day ! Here’s all what you should know about it.



Back in 1981, French Minister of Culture, Jack Lang, conceived the idea of musical festival. In 1982, the French Minister’s idea was well implemented to take the shape of a musical festival and that day was known as Fete de la Musique. Since that day, every year World Music Day is celebrated to honor the bliss that music has to offer to all the earthlings. Across the globe, every country celebrates the World Music Day in its own unique way.

There is another interesting story associated with World Music Day. In 1976, an American Musician who lived in France offered to celebrate the beginning of summer by having a musical night and since then the entire world celebrates June 21 as World Music Day.

World Music Day has today become a global festival and more than 32 countries celebrate World Music Day in a grand and unique manner.

World Music Day promotes peace and spreads love through music .Many musicians – local and amateur- on this day organize their live performances for free at museums, railway stations, stadiums, metro stations, shopping malls, parks etc. The simple motive of this entire program is to make music accessible to people. Music is everyone’s right and is also known to have health benefits. Flash mobs and short street plays are held in parks and public places to enlighten people about music.

Music is a bond shared with sound, a sound that could excite ones soul, or a sound that could remind you of someone special and World Music Day intends to establish the significance of music across the globe. It is a fabulous day to celebrate the spirit of music in all its forms.

Since India is a land of diversity with varied cultures as in Hindi it goes ‘Vividhata me ekta, Bharat ki visheshta’, every region in India celebrate music in its own musical way. In case you are planning to celebrate the spirit of music today, check out a few events happening in Delhi here


Happy World Music Day! Tune in to MuSlate to listen to your favorite music now !

Sonu Nigam : The Golden Voice of India

#Safarnama is back with its inspiring stories and this week #Safarnama has brought to you the story of ‘The Golden Voice of India’. With no godfather and no direct links in the Indian Music Industry, this Golden Voice struggled to reach the fame and gain the name. A voice that is so lively to fill emotions to every moment of life and soothing enough to mesmerize one’s senses. Can you recall the feeling that you get while listening to ‘Abhi Mujhme Kahi’ from Agneepath? Yes, that feeling. The feeling can be pushed by none other than Sonu Nigam, ‘The Golden Voice of India’.


Sonu Nigam


Born in Faridabad, Haryana; Sonu began his singing career at the age of three. This was the time when he accompanied his father A.K.Nigam on stage to sing Mohammed Rafi’s song “Kya Hua Tera Wada”. Sonu used to perform at wedding ceremonies and parties with his father and at the age of 18 he shifted to Mumbai, The Dream City, to live dream of becoming a singer.

According to Sonu, his mom and dad have a great contribution to his success. Sonu said that he was the dream that his parents saw. Whatever money he earned he used to give it to his father. He was happy that his father invested the money correctly and that has led him a secured life.

Sonu has sung in Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Odia, Tulu and many other Indian languages. He has been one of the highest paid Indian singers, but his journey till here was partly sweet and partly bitter.

In starting days Sonu underwent a lot of rejections and has also shared one of the stories from his struggling days. There was a time when he sang two songs for T-Series and expected to get selected, but the opportunity was grabbed by someone else. This was the time when he was fed up of all the rejections, tired of struggle and cried a lot after coming out of the T-Series office.

Another worrisome event was when Sonu sang as a playback singer for the first time for the movie Janam but the movie was never officially released. But true hard work never goes unnoticed and his work got noticed by Gulshan Kumar and Sonu was offered to sing for the movie Bewafa Sanam. The song “Accha Sila Diya” became that year’s biggest hit. And thereafter Sonu was poured with plenty of offers and this was also the time when he got a chance to host Sa Re Ga Ma Pa show.

Sonu won his first Filmfare in 1999 for A R Rehman composed Ishq Bina from the movie Taal and on National Award in playback singing for Kal Ho Na Ho.

They say the road to success is not easy. True, isn’t it? You may have to face a lot of difficulties and you will have to jump a lot of hurdles, but then once you have reached there; you own the world. Keep working hard towards your goal, because ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’.

See you next week on #Safarnama


Listen to some of Sonu Nigam’s Award winning songs here.

Top 6 Music Festivals in India Which Every Music Lover Should Attend !

Music has always been everybody’s love. And from past few years the Music Festivals in India are multiplying rapidly. In forts or auditoriums, on the beaches or in the hills, hardly any location is untouched with the flavor of music and here is a small list for top 8 musical festivals you must attend in India


1. MAD Festival – Ooty




Organized in the Fern-hills Palace, Ooty; this festivals in worth a journey of as good as 40 hours from Delhi or say any other city or country. Ooty is also famous for variety of chocolates it offers and hence you can have a happy and cheerful holiday there. Music and dance right in the middle of unknown crowd and beauty of forest is highly captivating and awesome.

MuSlate Recommends: Try camping on festival grounds at night. You get to meet a lot of new people and good vibes continue to flow.


2. Mahindra Blues Festival – Bombay


Mahindra Blues Festival


Mahindra Blues Festival is one of those few music festivals where you can go with your family and enjoy. The festival invites variety of artists and the inclusive nature of this fest allows you to enjoy with your mommy and daddy.

MuSlate Recommends: Do visit some nearby beach in Mumbai for a relaxing moment, like spend some time at seashore so as you can charge yourself for the next high volume beats.


3. Sunburn Festival – Goa




Known to be largest electronic music festival in Asia, at Sunburn you might feel a little crowded. The ambience is completely of the next level and the decorations are spectacular. Once you go there you will come back with bunch of friends you never know before that day, and this is the level of comfort you can enjoy at Sunburn.

MuSlate Recommends: This is going to be the biggest new year party you can ever have. Going out with friends can really be awesome and crazy.


4. Magnetic Fields Festival – Rajasthan


Magnetic Fields Festival


Magnetic Fields, held in Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan, is a festival that will trap you from your soul and the festival is beautifully executed. It is rare event you will ever witness. The ambience of surroundings are completely off-beat and blended with local acts and food, there will be nothing more to ask for.

MuSlate Recommends: Visiting local places can help you understand the flavor of the state better and this will allow you to enjoy the festival more.


5. Bacardi NH7 Weekender


Bacardi NH7 Weekender


NH7 Weekender started in Pune has today expanded to a multi-city event that attracts many international bands. Being at Bacardi NH7 Weekender is really a thrilling experience. You can witness some craziest acts like cutting edge of hip-hop, reggae and rock.

MuSlate Recommends: This festival in held in multiple cities, before planning to attend the festival choose your cities according to the bands you would love to listen to.


6. Ziro Festival – Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh


Ziro Festival


Reaching this place is none less than any adventure. No proper connectivity and zigzag roads you will feel like you are in some other world. But still people come from all across the country to attend this festival. Other than wonderful music you can enjoy the overwhelming beauty of nature at Ziro. The people are calm and warm and so are the nightly bonfires.

MuSlate Recommends: You can buy some best rice from this region ( An offbeat tip 😉 )


Pack your bags and get going NOW! 😀

Mohit Chauhan: The Voice from Himachal; An Inspiration to Many

In this week’s #Safarnama we have bought a story of the legend whose voice to refreshes your soul and activates your mind, drowns you in memories and sweeps you in the flow. A voice which didn’t find its way direct to Bollywood but, is now voice of many hearts. ‘Mohit Chauhan’ has fought the odds to reach there, where you see him now!


Mohit Chauhan


The story began in Himachal Pradesh, Mohit Chauhan’s home town. Mohit Chauhan’s grandfather Rana Krishansingh Ji sung a lot of classical songs in the house and Rana Krishansingh Ji was first inspiration of Mohit’s life.

After completing master’s degree in Geology, Mohit Chauhan rejected the government jobs and the 9-5 life to live his dream of pursuing music. He moved to Delhi to practice and explore opportunities in music. And, here’s where he formed Silk Route and captured the limelight as front man of Silk Route after the song ‘Dooba Dooba’.

Mohit’s struggle was finding the path that he will love. He wanted to be himself and do his work. He rejected good job offers; he went against his family’s will and he founded Silk Route. It was not easy for him, but his goals were clear which has brought him this much success.

And just like his favorite singer “Kishore Kumar”, who was never formally trained and yet is renowned as the precious voice of music industry; Mohit never took formal training but his interest in music has led his way. Mohit is fueled by natural talent which is evident from his guitar and flute playing skills.

Mohit believed A.R. Rahman to be his guru and an all-time inspiration. He says to have his soul connected with that of A.R. Rahman, and feels spirituality in music whenever he sings for him. He waited for 5 long years to work with A.R. Rahman. His song ‘Khoon Chala’ from Rang De Basanti was his first song for A.R. Rahman and he says that the wait of five years was totally worth it.

Mohit continues to struggle and continues to shines with his natural talent in the sea of music. His voice is so soothing that if he not himself has come up, destiny would have propelled him to come forward and sing so that we could fill our hearts with beauty of his songs and warmth of his voice.

To all the budding singers out there, ‘Never forget your passion, just wait for your time’. #Safarnama will keep inspiring you, and you keep spreading the magic with your voice.

And, you can choose MuSlate to help you across your journey. :)

Till then Sayonara 😀

Listen to some awesome Mohit Chauhan songs here.

Dr. Palash Sen hits out at film industry for death of Indipop !

In a video titled ‘The reason why you don’t get to hear Indipop music anymore’, Palash Sen vents out his anger at the situation.



Dr Palash Sen of one of India’s most famous band Euphoria is a distraught man these days. With a number of folk hits to their name, the band is still a favourite in colleges and also has nostalgic value for those from the nineties. But the Indipop scene, vibrant in the nineties with Euphoria, Shaan, Shweta Shetty, Sonu Nigam, Sunita Rao, Bombay Vikings, Indian Ocean, Indus Creed and many more, has died a slow death in India.

In a video titled The reason why you don’t get to hear Indipop music anymore, Palash Sen vents out his anger at the situation. He feels that Bollywood playback singing has killed the genre so much so that investors and music managers are no longer interested in singles or Indipop.

Except T-Series that is coming out with its own singles or remixing them, with Bollywood stars like Hrithik Roshan, Sonam Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, Suraj Pancholi, Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon being part of the music video for such songs, Palash wonders why only Bollywood music is appreciated, when this country has a vast reserve of all kinds of music.

His video comes with the message, ”Many of you have asked us why don’t we take out too much music these days.. Many of you ask us when is our new music coming out. You guys deserve the truth. The answers to both of these questions, are in this video. The fact is, that we never stopped making music. It’s just that it never reaches you like it used to, once upon a time. For too long, Non film music has stayed in the shadows. But no more. With you on our side, we shall claim the light.

Palash tells it, like it is. We won’t run, and we won’t back down. A new revolution begins. Together, we will bring non film music back! Watch the complete video to know the truth and share it because trust us, you are the beginning of the change. Will you stand by us?


Original Credits : The article was originally published on

From Railway Track to Film fare : Ever Inspiring Story of ‘Kailash Kher’

Muslate is proud to present its new blog series #Safarnama in which every Friday we will bring to you journey of legendary Musicians of India who have grown for the music, by the music and to the music. #Safarnama tends to inspire all the musicians out there to draw motivation from all the great artists who ‘Never Gave Up!’


Kailash Kher : From Railway Track to Film Fare !


Kailash Kher


All musicians are great. Some are musicians by birth, some are musicians by destiny and some are musicians by choice. He is a legend, who is all of these. He was born for music, he was destined to music and hence he chose music.

Kailash Kher is one such name who has fought the odds to reach music. In this week’s #Safarnama we bring to you 10 inspirational facts from Kailash Kher’s motivational life and his ‘never give up’ attitude :

1. Born in 1973, Kailash Kher started learning music at the age of 12.

2. His father, Meher Singh, was an amateur musician and his initial inspiration.

3. Qawwali singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and the classical musician Pandit Kumar Gandharva are his all-time inspirations

4. He left his house at the age of 14 in search of a guru or an institution to carry out musical training, and he did several years of study in classical and folk music.

5. Before beginning his career in music Kailash Kher tried his hands on export business of saree’s along with his family friend, but it didn’t work out.

6. He came to Mumbai in 2001 and he didn’t even had decent footwear to wear.

7. During his struggling days in Bollywood he has spent days living of Andheri Railway Station, Mumbai.

8. Kailash Kher got his first break in hit movie Andaaz. In Andaaz he sung ‘Rabba Ishq na Love’ and from there his career started to accelerate. “Rabba Ishq na Love’ became very popular during those days.

9. Till 2004 he had sung in more than 350 songs for the Hindi film industry and in 18 Indian languages for Indian films recorded.

10. He won Film fare Award for Best Male Playback Singer – Telugu for the film Mirchi.

Despite of all the odds and struggle Kailash Kher has now earned a respected position in music industry.

Isn’t that highly inspiring? From being engulfed in music since childhood but not a place to stay before first break. Trying hands on things that do not interest you to living your interest; Kailash Kher is going to be remembered for ages. So if you are struggling as a music artist now, don’t forget that ‘Everything happens for the best’. And, if you feel you are alone in this journey, MuSlate is there to help. :)

You may listen to some awesome of Kailash Kher on Muslate.

Stay Inspired, Stay Musical! 😀


If Travelling is Heart, Music is its Beat!

If travelling is heart, music is its beat! The two blend so well as if god has rewarded the human race with two impeccable forms of pleasure, love and fun. Music is such powerful weapon that can make us travel back in time that we build an emotional connect to it. It has the power to make us happy or sad in seconds. Some forms of music are motivation; it motivates us to work harder. At times it relaxes and calms us. Travelling is a major part of almost everybody’s life. Be it travelling to office or travelling to college or it be going on vacation, your journey will always be incomplete without music. Music on the go is similar to having a companion on the go. The addiction to music, especially while travelling is so that you can never step out of your home without your iPod and headphones.


Music and Travel


Here are some reasons why the combination of music and travel is unbeatable –

1. It never lets you feel lonely: Travelling alone is adventurous but you often miss some feel on the go that music fills the missing element perfectly. It’s not that music will be best only when you are alone, sometimes music, you and your loved one can make a perfect travelling trio. Fear of loneliness haunt at times, you wish you could have had someone with you while you are travelling so that you could have created a better album of memories.

2. No complaints, No Demands: Music just carries you with the flow, dimensionless and flawless. You choose where to go, what to listen. Music’s dedication to companionship is always 100%

3. Stress Buster: How ever stressed you are, listening to your favorite music while traveling back can always make up your mood and cheer you up. Music is none less than a therapy. A therapy to soul, mind and body.

4. Memories: Every song has an individual story. You relate a certain song to a certain memory of your life, or may be imaginary memory. And every time you listen to that music it’s your mind starts dancing to the tunes of that captured or future memories.

5. It can make or break your mood 😉 You can either turn happy after listening to some favorite pop music or you can turn sentimental and start missing someone. Music has all that power to activate your emotions so strongly.

If you could relate to these mentions, do let us know in the comments below 😀

Keep the Music on and Keep Travelling!

Listening to Music may cut Anxiety before Eye Surgery – Study

London, May 29 Listening to relaxing music just before an eye surgery can make patients less anxious and reduce the amount of sedation required, a new study has found.

Researchers from Cochin University Hospital in France randomly assigned 62 patients to hear relaxing music or no music through headphones for around 15 minutes just before cataract surgery, which also lasted an average 15 minutes. All patients had the same type of surgery to make the results comparable. The music played was specifically composed to ease anxiety following strict criteria, including instrumental pieces only using a decreasing tempo and a progressive decrease in the number of instruments playing, researchers said.


Music and Health


Each patient was able to choose from a panel of 16 recorded music styles according to their own preferences, and listened through high quality headphones. There were various styles available, including jazz, flamenco, Cuban, classical and piano, they said. Due to the massive use of disinfectant and other liquids during surgery, headphones would have been rapidly damaged if used during the actual procedure, researchers said.

However, there is evidence that music-induced relaxation lasts around 60 minutes after the music has stopped, they said. A surgical fear questionnaire (SFQ) was used to assess anxiety before and after a music session. Overall postoperative patient satisfaction was assessed using a standardized questionnaire, researchers said. The proportion of patients receiving the sedative midazolam during surgery was also recorded, they said.

Researchers found that significant differences were noted between groups in anxiety after the music session, with anxiety significantly reduced among the music group (score 23 out of 100) compared to the non-music group (score 65 out of 100).

The music group also received significantly less sedatives during surgery (16 per cent) compared with the non-music group (32 per cent), researchers said. Postoperative satisfaction was significantly higher in the music group (mean score 71 out of 100 versus 55 for the non-music group), they said.

“Music listening may be considered as an inexpensive, non-invasive, non-pharmacological method to reduce anxiety for patients undergoing elective eye surgery under local anesthesia,” said Gilles Guerrier from Cochin University Hospital.

The Article was originally published by India Today on May29, 2016